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Teja is from Begunje, Slovenia and she has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States.  She recently moved to Virginia due to her husband's new job.  This became an opportunity to enrich her personal and professional life. 

Teja's holistic career began after her father suffered an intense illness.  The experience offered her a new perspective on alternative therapies.  This is when she decided to change her studies of economics to instead pursue a four-year intensive holistic training at Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Bad Ischl, Austria.  

During this time, Teja was drawn to Reflexology, a therapy with a philosophical emphasis that our connection to the earth is through our feet.  What fascinated Teja the most about Reflexology is the theory that your feet are the mirror of your body.  This theory explains that there are specific points on the feet that link and influence the function of our internal organs within our body.  By pressing on these specific points of the feet, it triggers natural healing while releasing pain, tension, stress, and assisting the body to heal itself.  Without hesitation, Teja acquired her certification in foot and hand reflexology which is valid throughout the European Union.  

Teja also realized a passion for working with children; and her holistic and wellness education allowed her to work as a children's dance and yoga instructor.  During that time, she began using reflexology, mind and body approach helping to heal individual clients.  Her aim is to help people relieve stress and pain by finding a deeper underlying cause of their distress.  The outcome is a client's inner peace, deep relaxation and overall balance.