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Kerrie knew she’d discovered her purpose when she experienced the beautiful, healing energy of Reiki for the first time. This was during a time when she was tirelessly seeking clarity relative to her spiritual path. It was as if she didn’t find Reiki…it found her. While she is a natural born nurturer whose life has always centered on helping others, she did not consider herself a “Healer”. However, during her first experience of receiving Reiki, she realized her true calling and since that moment on she embraced this spiritual tool allowing her to do what she loves doing now, serving as a channel for the Loving Divine.

Kerrie immediately began her new path with a Reiki Self-Healing course which allowed her to continue experiencing the healing power of the Universal Light Energy. It had such a profound effect on her life that she went on to receive her Reiki First Degree Certification in April of 2018 with Reiki Master Teacher, Rev. Maricela Noble, at Your Life Energy. Reiki inspired her to further develop herself as a healer and through that inspiration, she became a Licensed Massage Therapist upon completing the Massage Therapy (MT) program at the American Massage and Bodywork Institute in Tysons Corner, VA. 

Through energy healing with Reiki and physical healing with MT, Kerrie helps her clients heal on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level so that they can realize their worth and tap into their true inner power. She provides a safe space for her clients to relax and release under her intuitive, healing touch. Kerrie’s sessions provide immediate relief for those who are in pain, under stress, have anxiety or are simply seeking relaxation. Her clients have reported: improved sleep quality; reduced muscle tension; decreased neck and back pain; relief for tension headaches; reduced migraine frequency; enhanced exercise performance; lowered blood pressure, and more. The ultimate mark of success for Kerrie is seeing her clients become the BEST version of themselves!

In her professional life, Kerrie spent eight years working in different leadership capacities within the Department of Defense (Army), to include special assignments in the Pentagon, before transitioning to the Department of Commerce where she now serves as a Senior Program Manager.

Kerrie is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and a former Level-1 Certified CrossFit Trainer and Health Coach. In her spare time she enjoys: fitness - namely Yoga, Tai Chi and weight training; traveling and exploring different cuisines; cooking and especially eating; reading; and all things Divine as it relates to nature and spirituality.

Kerrie aspires to become a Reiki Master Practitioner under the guidance and mentorship of her Sensei, Rev. Maricela Noble. Her inquisitive, energetic, caring and adventurous approach to life has often been described as fearless and courageous, but she is simply a reflection of the importance of listening to and following your heart.