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Your Life Energy Holistic Center 

 Your Life Energy

Rossana Frontera is an Italian Massage Therapist and Esthetician.  Her passion for the world of wellness began at 16-years-old when a professor told her "Learn to listen to your body."  Listening to and taking care of your body is vitally important, because your body is the place where you will live forever. 

Rossana then decided to make her passion for wellness her life's work.  Her curious nature guides her every day to find the best way of working with each person individually and to incorporate applications that are advanced in respect of the body and of nature.  The massages she provides are a mixture of relaxation, emotional and rejuvenating ayurvedic techniques that begin with the body and end with the head.  In her own words, "the head needs to be massaged too, because it needs to be emptied of the daily impacts of tiredness and stress."  

In her holistic approach to natural healing, she fell in love with Reiki which brings wonderful benefits at all levels for the body, mind and soul.  She obtained  her Reiki First Degree Certification at Your Life Energy Holistic Center and integrates this beautiful spiritual tool in her practice.  She also uses numerous essential oils that enhance natural healing, as well as help our clientele feel relaxed and in harmony with themselves.