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Body Energy Work (BEW)

What is Holistic Body Energy Work?

Body Energy Work and Foot Reflexology have origins in ancient India some 2,500 years ago where a physician who was a friend of Lord Buddha (Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha) established the techniques that are still used to this day. 

Holistic Body Energy Work -- It applies very gentle pressure and kneading movements without manipulation of muscles or skeleton structure, (75% of this work is for (upper back, neck and head) increasing oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins.  

What are the benefits of Holistic Body Energy Work?

Muscular System -- Reduces stress, both emotional and physical. Increases blood supply and nutrition to your muscles. Muscles recover faster from exertion and fatigue, effectively reducing spasms, tension and cramping. Reestablishes proper muscular tone. Reduces soft tissue and muscle pain. Skeletal System -- Improves circulation and nutrition to joints. Increases efficiency of your movements. Increases retention of nitrogen, phosphorous and sulphur in the bones (aids in fracture healing). Circulatory System -- Stimulates and promotes blood flow and lymphatic circulation, enhancing immune system. Nervous System -- Affects neurotransmitter of the brain and increase endorphin secretion (natural pain killers).