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Claudia Gulias
Certified Yoga Teacher

Originally from Mexico, Claudia was a stay at home mom for more than 10 years before she sought out yoga for spiritual guidance and to address some health issues. She has experienced an incredible transformation, not only physical but mentally, and she is eager to share it with her students. She firmly believes that the power of Yoga, the softness of a hug and a kind heart could bring much happiness and peace to our lives. Claudia also believes that the most challenging thing these times is to stop our busy lives and take a moment to breathe, so her classes focus on using the breath as a compass. Claudia also has special training in Restorative, Yin,  Gentle Pilates, and Therapeutics. Claudia's classes will leave you empowered, relaxed and happy, but more than that, with a yoga attitude, because, yoga is a life style!