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Clergy Services-Marriage Rites & Memorial Services

Rev. Maricela Noble founder of Your Life Energy (formerly known as Reiki Your Life Energy) is also a Certified Clergy & officiates Rites of Marriage and Celtic Hand-Fasting Rituals in the Commonwealth of Virginia. She is Ordained "Celtic Druidess Minister" and "Interfaith Minister" by the Esoteric Interfaith Church and Minister of the Esoteric Interfaith Church of Alexandria, VA.

Personal Anecdote

In 2008 when I was in Vienna, Austria teaching Meditation and Reiki; one of my students and her fiancé asked me to bless their union in a special Celtic ritual. I told them I was not able to do it legally but they insisted so I did. They got legally married in a civil ceremony in the city hall of Vienna and then they had their Celtic Hand Fasting-Wedding where I performed the ritual with Reiki Blessings. Both of the couple’s parents, friends and family were so moved with this spiritual event including my son and my husband who for the first time realized how powerful my relation with the Divine Light is and how I can touch so many people’s lives. Since then both of them support and encourage me continuing my spiritual vocation.

This event in my life motivated me to obtain my ordination, it took me three more years of spiritual growth to accomplish this dream but now I have it and every time I officiate a ritual, I do it with so much joy and gratitude.