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Emotional Freedom Technique

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Emotional Freedom Technique Workshop

(also known as EFT)

"Managing Stress During The Holidays"

Date: Coming new dates on 2018

From 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

Cost $40

$45 at the door on the day of the event

(15 people maximum)

Some times stress can be triggered by the festivities of the season. Out of no where negative emotions appear affecting our life during this time of the year and what suppose to be a joyful time, it turns into a stressful one. Join Maricela who will share relaxation techniques that can help you to overcome this emotional time and truly enjoy the "Holidays" with your friends and family.

This wonderful workshop will allow you to learn the tool that will assist you managing emotional situations that affects your life such as phobias, sadness, being overly worry, stress, bereavement, anxiety, guilt, fear of failure, desperation, deep feeling of obsession, resentment, chronic pain and negative habits such as eating and smoking. 

Maricela Noble will share her guidance and teaching experience so you can change, transform and enjoy your life fully and with a better outcome.


  1. Identify the signs of stress before it takes over.
  2. Learning the tapping sequences of EFT (the recipe). Identification of the tapping points in ourselves, the importance of the language we use during the tapping process, identifying the emotional issues and measuring the intensity of each of them.
  3. Practice.
  4. How to dig out the core of the emotional issue.
  5. Doing EFT with Crystal Healing.
  6. Doing EFT for Meditation.
  7. How to do EFT when you are not at home and without privacy.
  8. Setting your goals for a new start with confidence to overcome our challenges.