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Give Your Life Energy Gift Certificates the 
Gift of Renewal, Harmony and Balance

If you prefer to purchase a eGift Certificate for a specific session or treatment, click the button below and request customizing your gift certificate.

eGift Card for All Occasions

Step 1
Fill out the eGift Information Form and Submit It Before You Make Your Payment

Fill out the eGift information form below this paragraph and submit it by clicking "Submit Form" button.  This is very important, please assure you do this step first before making payment.

eGift Information Form

Thank you for purchasing your eGift Certificate. The eGift card will be sent to your love one and a copy to you for your records

As a kind reminder, this is our purchase policy: All gift certificate purchases are final. No refunds. Gift certificates expire six months from the date of purchase.

Please contact me at any time at (202) 425-4505 if you have any questions.

Many Thanks
Maricela Noble
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Step 2
Make your payment

Once you submit the eGift Info Form, proceed with your payment. Don't forget the eGift number you requested and include it with your payment. 

Important Note: When you make your payment, please do not request to have your eGift Card to be shipped. Your eGift will be sent to your love one via email.

There is not any extra fees for purchasing your eGift Certificates.

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YLE eGift Certificate

Step 3

The eGift card will be sent to your love one and a copy to you for your records


All gift certificate purchases are final.  No refunds.   All gift certificates purchased will expire in six months on the date they are sent to your love one.