Your LIfe Energy Holistic Center

Renewal, Harmony & Balance
 Established in 2004
705 Prince St - Alexandria, VA 2234 (571) 319-0093

Holistic Massage


Body Energy Work without Reiki $98

Duration: 60 minutes

Body Energy Work with Reiki $135

Duration: 90 minutes

Back-Body Energy Work
with Reiki $115

Duration: 60 minutes

Body Energy Work at Your Life Energy

Body Energy Work without Reiki 145

Duration: 90 minutes

Body Energy Work  Herbal Detox Treatment

Detox Body Energy Work $175
This session is not available during Phase 3 

Duration: 90 minutes

The treatment begins with a soft dry brushing of the body (exfoliation), leading to soothing detox Body Energy Work (holistic massage).  We then wrap the body with hot towels infused with a mixture of warm essential oils  This wonderful session, full of earthly aromas, grounds you and enhances the natural detox-healing process of your body and mind. 

IMPORTANT: Consider the following before 

booking your session

For Ladies: If you have your period, it could become a little heavier after the treatment,

We do not recommend this treatment for pregnant women or if you are trying to get pregnant.