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Golden Healing Light Breath

by Rev. Maricela Noble

All Copy Rights Reserve

This is a special type of breathing that has the purpose to fill your aura with high vibratory frequency of healing energy. This will help to jumpstart the healing process in your body, mind and soul.

You can use it in meditation, in a moment of uncertainty, when you are afraid or angry. If you are a Reiki Practitioner you can ask your client to do this breathing at the beginning of the treatment (Three times). Healing will be made easier as the client’s conscious mind is distracted and he/she will not concentrate on negative disturbing thoughts.

1. Close your eyes; breathe normally and focus only on identifying the feeling of your nose and the connection it has with your throat.

2. Once you had detected this connection, feel how the air goes through.

3. Keep your eyes close but now inhale and exhale air through your nose and throat (not only your nose) very slowly, softly and gently (do not hurt your throat, it has to feel comfortable). Try imitating the sound of the ocean’s waves when inhaling and exhaling. Remember to inhale and exhale as slow and gentle as possible. The slower and gentler you inhale and exhale the more benefit you will receive.

4. Now feel how this golden energy flows through your body while it removes negative energy. While inhaling, visualize breathing in golden healing energy through your entire body. This healing light touches every part and every corner of your skin. Every cell, every molecule are being touched as well, they are sensing and feeling re-energize. Each one of them starts re-generating with complete perfection; in absolute harmony the cells and molecules keep merging within the Loving Energy. It is a no stop process of whole connection and grounding.

5. When exhaling, visualize releasing all negative thoughts and feelings, out all fears, worries, insecurity, illnesses and inhale renovation. Love and compassion.

6. Continue breathing the golden healing light for about 10 minutes or until you feel distress.

Have a magical time with the Loving Divine!