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 Your Life Energy

During this time of turbulence, the COVID19 has brought uncertainty, anxiety and worries. My dream is that every day for a month we can all gather from home and at 7:00 p.m. we can all do the Ocean Breathing with the Humming Frequency. This is a special type of breathing that has the purpose to fill you with the high vibratory frequency of healing energy. This will help to jump start the healing process in your body, mind and soul.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear all of us in Old Town Alexandria (perhaps even nearby neighborhoods would like to join us as well) every day at 7:00 p.m. and hear the strongest humming frequency ever? If it happens, you will not believe how strong our self-healing and unity could be.

OCEAN BREATHING - The Frequency for Self-Strength & Healing

1. Close your eyes; breathe normally and focus only on identifying the feeling of your nose and the connection it has with your throat.

2. Once you had detected this connection, feel how the air goes through.

3. Keep your eyes close but now inhale and exhale air through your nose and throat (not only your nose) very slowly, softly and gently (do not hurt your throat, it has to feel comfortable). Try imitating the sound of the ocean’s waves when inhaling and exhaling. Remember to inhale and exhale as slow and gentle as possible. The slower and gentler you inhale and exhale the more benefit you will receive.

4. Now feel how this golden energy flows through your body while it removes negative energy. While inhaling, visualize breathing in golden healing energy through your entire body. This healing light touches every part and every corner of your skin. Every cell, every molecule are being touched as well, they are sensing and feeling re-energize. Each one of them starts re-generating with complete perfection; in absolute harmony the cells and molecules keep merging within the Loving Energy. It is a no stop process of whole connection and grounding.

5. Exhale very slowly through your nose as gentle and soft as you can and at the same time (assure your mouth is close) make you’re the sound hummmmmm (no OM). During this humming time, visualize releasing all negative thoughts, ideas and feelings, let go out all fears, worries, insecurity and illnesses.

6. continue inhaling and exhaling with hum for a minute, a minute to unify our strength as one.

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Special Offers 

Brigantia Facial and Massage $230

Dermafile Treatment (120 mins) Regular $253

Brigantia Facial will renew and heal your skin texture. Then your 60 minutes massage will accomplish your total relaxation for your special day.

Reiki Session $85

Enjoy 60 minutes of loving light with Reiki. This offer is for follow up appointments and on Wednesdays  

Note: This offer may not be combined with any other offer or coupon. 

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Refer Your Life Energy to a friend.  You and your friend will  receive on your next session $10 Off  
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Reiki Sessions at Hospitals Now Available

Rev. Maricela Noble now offers Reiki Sessions at hospitals for your love ones. This service can be arranged to hospitals located within 20 miles from Old Town Alexandria, VA. 

Please call Maricela at 571.319.0093 to arrange a visit or for more information.

Bridal Wellbeing Service

Before that big wedding day, let our team to help you getting ready and looking radiant, in complete harmony and balance. Start your customized service at least one month and a half before the special day.  

Let us help you create a plan to beat the stress. 

10% Discount for 3 sessions or more of one modality of your choice

- Skin Care

- Body Energy Work

- Energy Healing

- Meditation

15% Discount for 4 sessions or more of two or more modalities of your choice 


- Skin Care (2 sessions) and Body Energy Work (2 Sessions)    

- Skin Care (3 sessions) and Private Meditation or Reiki Session

- Skin Care (2 sessions), Body Energy Work (1 session) and Reiki

 (1 Session)

Note: A 50% Deposit is required when arranging your customized services.  We can also include hair styling, manicure and pedicure by request in advance

Contact us for more info at 571.319.0093