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What is Resonance Therapy with Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls?

Sound is very powerful and fundamental to our very existence. Vibration is part of the fabric of life and we are just beginning to understand the role of sound and vibration in our life processes. Singing bowls produce a particularly pure, beautiful and nearly perfect tone. They sound uniquely beautiful to our ears and seem to elicit one of the best responses of any sound instrument. Just as a violin has the power to stir certain emotions, singing bowls speak to our hearts and souls. They are the ideal vibrational tool for all applications relating to health and wellbeing, from meditation practice to medical recovery.

Singing bowls themselves are not magic. What they do is very special but the real magic is in you. The bowl produces an amazing vibration (energy traveling through space) our body sense and receive the resonance of this vibrations enhancing our natural healing of the spirit, body and mind (we heal, grow and experience life). 

We consciously listen and experience the sound. It is enjoyable and soothing. Our own enjoyment, comfort and good feeling is an important part of the healing process.

We feel the vibration through special feeling receptors in the skin. The gentle feeling of the singing bowl vibrations have a relaxing effect. Like sinking into warm water, the gentle sound of a nice singing bowl is very comforting.

The harmonic overtones interact with our nervous system. This is a little understood part of the experience. We do not understand how sound and vibration influence our brains, but the pleasing effect of the sound, the relaxing feeling, the deep experience that the singing bowls bring about seem to have a positive effect on bodies.

The treatment is simply; you lay down, close your eyes and allow for the harmonious sounds of the bowls to embrace you senses and experience the moment of re-energizing yourself.