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Yoga Classes in Old Town


No Yoga Classes on November 21st and November 22nd due to Thanksgiving Holiday
Signing Up is Required for Yoga Classes on Friday, November 23rd
and Saturday, November 24th 

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Due to limited space in our classes we kindly request you to Sign Up before coming to class

You don't have a Yoga Mat?  No problem.  We have one you can borrow and a bottle of water for FREE!  
Start your week feeling great!


Each asana (yoga pose) is synchronized to a breath, anchoring you as you flow from one pose to the next one. The beauty of this class is the variety of poses and routines, since there is no formal sequence.  While following the teacher from one pose to the next you will build core strength and energize your mind. This is the best way to start your week.


Yin is a gentle and restorative yoga experience.  Most poses are done lying down assisted by Yoga props for comfort. Gravity helps you fold very gently and naturally into each pose. Each pose is held from three to five minutes, stretching the muscles and joints while enhancing hip and lower back movements. This class is ideal for beginners and those seeking to enhance focus and flexibility, including runners, weight lifters, and bikers.



Boost your mid-week energy and enjoy the benefits of 30 minutes of Vinyasa flow yoga followed by 30 minutes of Yin yoga. This class is for those who enjoy a good workout, finishing with gentle stretching, relaxing the body and mind. All levels are welcome


This class invites those who want a gentle and effective workout to both energize and quite the mind. The class begins by warming up the muscles and tapping on meridian points to move stagnant energy.  Gentle yoga follows, finishing with a short meditation during savasana.  This class is a perfect way to end your very busy day.



Skip the Mall, Hit the Mat
Black Friday Yoga  Class November 23rd



Sautéed Corn


Our Yoga Teachers provide mindfulness guidance and body work in each class.  They pay close attention to each student, assisting gently with yoga positions and helping each reach his/her potential. The classes offer a loving environment, with a  guided breathing technique for self calming and grounding.

Your Life Energy's yoga studio offers you the perfect spot for your fitness workout in the heart of Old Town Alexandria.  The studio is not too big and not too small. It comfortably accommodates a class of  eight to ten people. Our studio is not a gym or a huge room where you feel lost.  It is a zen decorated space where you feel happy to be, meeting like-minded people and feel invited to stay all the time. You will enjoy a time of complete workout for the body while at the same time a soothing and enhancing moment of peace and serenity. 

Our Yoga Teachers (alphabetical order)

Our Team


Nicole DeMetrick

Certified Yoga Teacher

Meggan Engelke-Ros

Certified Yoga Teacher
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Claudia Gulias

Certified Yoga Teacher

Our Team

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Celia Luyando

Certified Yoga Teacher

Juliette Kopp

Certified Yoga Teacher
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Our Team

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction

Julia Valentine

Certified Yoga Teacher
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Tiffany Williams

Certified Yoga Teacher
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